Len Barron, Theatre Director

Len BarronLEN BARRON wrote the original theatre piece, Einstein, Bohr, and Grandmothers, A Fairy Tale, which is the inspiration for this film. He has been performing a one-person show since the 1980’s, and in 2012 decided to create an ensemble with eight grandmothers who performed his material on stage in Boulder, Colorado in October 2012. In addition to his work with the grandmothers, Len adds humor, playfulness, and a lightness of spirit through his interviews in the film. In doing so, he shares with us the essential character of Einstein and Bohr.

“It used to be that the wisdom and experience of elders were passed on to the young, but that doesn’t happen very often these days, and that’s a great loss to children, along with the comfort and wisdom they get from the sense of continuity.”





The Grandmothers:

TeresaTERESA GARCIA, originally from Mexico City, has been an educator for the last 35 years. She loves to dance, sing, read, and enjoy the arts in its many representations. Her favorite people are her family, her friends and two cute dogs. Now that she is retired, Teresa continues to be involved in education, organizing cultural trips to bring the U.S. and Mexico together. She is abuela to lovely Esther and newest arrival, grandson Cael, born July 13, 2014!





SandySANDY HALE is an actor with the Viva theatre troupe and a board member of the Society for Creative Aging. She is a former TV host for PBS Rocky Mountain Broadcasting, Channel 6 show Senior Showcase and Lifewise, and Senior Spotlight on Channel 8. Sandy is the proud grandmother of Emi and Sei Yasuda Hale, and Tamara Hale and the great grandmother of Dominique Tatem-Hale.






ClaudiaCLAUDIA HELADE, Ph.D., has worked for 30 years as a psychotherapist, teacher, author and artist, lovingly and respectfully encouraging students and clients in their living and dying with compassion, humor and joy. She is a long time volunteer with Hospice and delights in assisting those who are seeking transformation of consciousness. Her art, using space telescope photographs, indicates the possible and applauds the expanding capacities of the human spirit. She has three children and eight grandchildren and is passionate about the many miracles of life!





BarbaraBARBARA MIDDLETON is a Colorado Licensed Clinical Social Worker. As a certified Bioenergetic Therapist with 30 years experience in multiple therapeutic interventions, she has presented workshops and retreats in the U.S, as well as Canada, Brazil, Spain and Greece. As an exhibited water media artist/poet, she uses art and writing as therapeutic tools. She is a trained doula/birth assistant as well as trained in hospice care. She sees her work as honoring and embracing the sacred Circle of Life.






DorothyDOROTHY RUPERT served 35 years as a public high school teacher and counselor, 14 more years in the Colorado House and Senate, and decades in the peace and women’s rights/human rights movements. She has consistently supported education, relentlessly and courageously tackled difficult legislative issues, and traveled the globe for peace. Dorothy embodies commitment, passion, vitality, caring, sincerity, never-give-up determination, and joy.






JoAnJoAn SEGAL has worked as an actor in the Denver-Boulder region and performed as a storyteller and reader in a variety of venues. She had a long career in librarianship, including positions at Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University, and Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education in Boulder. Having officially retired from gainful employment at the age of 80, Segal now limits her activities to voluntary library/archive work at the AMRC, singing in the Chorale, pursuing theatrical activities with VIVA, the theatre arm of the Society for Creative Aging, and studying Spanish.





MayMAY SNOWDEN is an independent diversity and inclusion strategist, consultant, educator, facilitator, speaker, and executive coach. She inspires corporate leaders to articulate a global diversity and inclusion vision.  She received her undergraduate degree in business from the University of Maryland at College Park, and holds a Master of Executive Business Administration and Master of Public Administration degrees from the University of Colorado at Boulder. May is married with four grown children (and two more that she claims as her own), and eight grandchildren – plus four “adopted” grandkids, for a total of twelve.




JoJO AN ZENDER has an MS in Accounting and Information Systems as well as an MA in Communications, which she utilized during several years of teaching. She lost her mother when she was six, so the support of grandmothers was critical to her life and growth.  Now Jo is the proud mother of four and grandmother of eight,  all of whom are beautiful and brilliant and special!  She discovered later in life that her interest in acting (as well as any talent) was inherited from her Mom!

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