“Best International Film”


The film has been awarded BEST INTERNATIONAL FILM at the Sunrise Film Festival in Nova Scotia!

I was very honored to attend the festival and screen the film for an overwhelmingly supportive audience on October 8, 2015 (my youngest son’s 22nd birthday!). The Q&A after the screening was invigorating with many encouraging comments and questions. I stayed in the historical Thinkers Lodge, where peacemakers and dignitaries have engaged in discussions about world events since the 1950’s, and home to the 1995 Nobel Peace Prize. What a perfect place to share the ideals of Einstein and Bohr, as well as the wonderful personalities of the eight grandmothers and their imaginative theatre director.

Sunrise Winner




“This film was a true gem, screened in the most perfect and apt setting of Thinkers Lodge, it was a simple visualization of the humanity of two of the world’s most brilliant minds – Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr. The way their words were delivered was a moving and humbling experience and at the same time contained so much fun.”
– Sunrise Film Festival 2015, Nova Scotia








A stunning setting for a film festival! Pugwash, Nova Scotia, Canada








Sunrise FF

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