Einstein for the Holidays

We are each a part of A Beautiful Equation

“Watching it was an experience I will want to repeat over and over. This, I hope, will start me on a journey to come again to the wonder and delight I may have lost in the stress of trying to measure up to the expectations of others.” Jennifer, Utah

This recent response to the film warmed my heart. My motivation in making A Beautiful Equation was to inspire and encourage others, just as I was inspired by the director, cast, and historic characters that come together in the film.

This month, as I work to create an educational platform that supports the film, I am also making a limited number of DVDs available for holiday gift giving. Contact me for your copy – just $25 plus shipping, or FREE with a $50+ donation!

Sending you my best wishes for renewed playfulness and wonder. Be assured – all of us do “measure up”, and each of us is a vital element in the Beautiful Equation of life!

Happy holidays and thank you for your continued support!

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