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I’m feeling so positive about the effect this film is having on audiences! Today, I received this wonderful letter (reposted with permission) from a group in Florida:

               On behalf of the Academy of Senior Professionals Eckerd College, I want to thank you for A BEAUTIFUL EQUATION. We have just screened it for the group and
it was a big hit! In fact it got a standing ovation–and that doesn’t happen often.

There’s more. There was a social hour immediately after the film and the conversation centered on the film. It was like the film had played a second time.

And it looks like there will be an encore presentation in the fall. Some of our members
are up north to escape the heat and we plan to have a second showing.

Thanks again, Robin, and I hope the film gets the distribution it so richly deserves. It put a smile on a lot of our old faces. 

How satisfying to hear that the film is impacting people in different parts of the country.
And September is shaping up to be another busy month for screenings. The film is scheduled for three screening events with more possible. (See the list of events HERE.)
Coming off of two recent sold out shows at the Boedecker Theater in Boulder, I couldn’t be happier about the film’s success so far. And also, the educational curriculum is finished and being implemented in a few educational institutions this fall. Reaching people of all ages… that’s what it’s all about! Donations are still very gratefully being accepted to cover outstanding costs.

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