Next Saturday (June 1), we begin recording soundtrack for the film. We’ll start with violin, piano and cello. Niccolo has done a spectacular job composing music that compliments each scene and subtly supports the playful and emotional themes that run throughout this film. We’re very excited to begin merging these notes with the grandmother’s voices that tell the beautiful stories of Einstein and Bohr! Later in June, we’ll return to the studio to record overdubs with viola, clarinet, French horn, and possibly harp. It will be music to my ears! (and to yours, too, when you see and hear the final result!)

Thank you to Aaron and John at Coupe Studios for their recording expertise!

May is the “Push” month

As May approaches, the artwork and music are being refined and finalized. Planning to go into the recording studio in early June as Niccolo conducts his original compositions with a team of talented and exuberant musicians. We have our eyes on finishing the film in July!

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