“This film was a true gem, screened in the most perfect and apt setting of Thinkers Lodge, it was a simple visualization of the humanity of two of the world’s most brilliant minds – Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr. The way their words were delivered was a moving and humbling experience and at the same time contained so much fun.”
Sunrise Film Festival 2015, Nova Scotia – “Best International Film” Award


“I watched this film while attending the OLLI National Conference in Charlotte NC in October. It was compelling in its excellence and substance. I was thrilled! Now I will share it with my sons during their Holiday visits. Thanks for your role in making it all possible.”  Tampa, Florida


“Robin, your artful gift of filming and the editing, music and design of A Beautiful Equation is truly a gift to the world; as not only an education inspiration but as an avenue for better relationships and the mental and emotional health of the next generation.”  Barbara Middleton


“To imagine a world filled with people like Einstein and Bohr and then uplifted by the true kindness of grandmothers…. I drank this movie in like a nice deep refreshing breath.”  Mikaela Swing, New Mexico


“A Beautiful Equation is a sensitive, charming, educationally imaginative, and appealing show.”  
Bruce Adolphe, Composer for “Einstein’s Light,” a documentary celebrating the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s General Theory.


“I love the innocence of this film through physicists Einstein and Bohr and their relationship with children. The mood of the film is innocent and playful. It was so easy to watch and it made me smile. Lots of humor!  Gigi Boratkis, Los Angeles, CA


“Bohr and Einstein’s cogent wisdom about education and justice make for an elegant formula, and they certainly shine through this touching film.  But the true beautiful equation comes from the magic alchemy that occurs between theatre director, Len Barron, and the eight delightful grandmothers who spin his words.  You will love them all.”
Geoff Cross, Senior Manager, TransLink, Vancouver, BC


“Watching it was an experience I will want to repeat over and over. This, I hope, will start me on a journey to come again to the wonder and delight I may have lost in the stress of trying to measure up to the expectations of others.”  Jennifer, Utah


“Step right up! Grandmothers riffing on quantum mechanics! This engaging film captures both the unexpected performances and behind-the-scenes personalities and preparations. I wonder what Einstein and Bohr’s grandmothers thought of their little darlings?”  
Harris Sussman, Summerville, MA


“The film shines great light in a grace-filled, fun, intelligent, entertaining, enlightening and brilliantly executed way. I loved it.”  Susan Grace


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