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Who tells the BEST stories? Your grandmother! Experience a tale that evokes the wisdom of the ages.



A Beautiful Equation follows eight elder women as they rehearse for an uncommon stage presentation about two great physicists – Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr. The grandmothers give vivid expression to the personal lives of the scientists in this delightful film, spinning the tales of Einstein and Bohr with grace, depth, and wit. Playful and beautifully crafted illustrations by artist Lisa Rivard highlight the stories.

On stage, the women reveal untold chapters about the scientists’ lifelong commitments to friendship, peace and education. But behind the curtain, the women’s intersecting life experiences create a new narrative of struggle and triumph, as a Latina abuela surmounts her struggles with spoken English, an African­ American grandma reflects on her lifelong fight for civil rights; and an Anglo grandmother recalls being a teenager during WWII. As the women progress from rehearsals to the stage, they reveal their own strengths ­­and remind us that one doesn’t have to be a genius to be fair, or playful, or to do things beautifully.

Einstein, Bohr and grandmothers combine for a film whose powerful message extends beyond age, gender, and even science – it’s an affirmation of the value of playfulness and imagination within us all.

Running time: 53 minutes








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